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Projects idea:

Gabriel from Heart On My Sleeve came up with the idea to bring together a very unique set up of different people, from different cities/countries/bands that Gabriel had had the pleasure of playing with over the past years. His goal was to create an enormous blend of emotive hardcore/screamo music.

So Gabriel wrote all the the guitar-parts and each person involved had the opportunity to do whatever they wanted with the song that they received. The raddest thing about all this is that the people involved had no influence on each other´s parts and they never even rehearsed together. They just recorded their part of the song and then sent it to the next musician involved in the project. Finally, the recordings were mixed and mastered which was the last part of this project. This is the end product of a 12 musician project.

Click on each track to see which members are playing on each song!


released February 11, 2015

Artwork by 901000.tumblr.com
All songs mixed and mastered by Michael Nordström



all rights reserved


Ephemera Sweden

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Track Name: Stormen / We´ll find comfort in the waves
Jag skriker i natten
(I scream into the night)
och bara tystnaden svarar
(Only silence replies)
Stirrar ut i det tomma
(Stare into emptiness)
och mina tankar de ekar
(My thoughts echo in my mind)

Let's elope

Musiken den tystnar
(The music turns into silence)
Färgerna bleknar
(The colors fade)
Alla smaker försvinner
(All the flavors vanish)
Var är vi på väg
(Where are we heading)

We´ll find comfort in the waves

Floating in suspended grief
Like a vassal of your soul, never to be annexed
Some claim I drag my feet in apathy
Yet somehow, still, they can smell you on me

Jag sitter fast
(I am stuck)
Medans världen rör sig
(While the world keeps moving)
Bara du får mig känna att
(Only you make me feel like)
Jag spelar huvudrollen i mitt liv
(I play the leading role in my life)

A staccato, broken vocal chord
A mouth and gut co-op, lungs with water filled
Each day is a failure to induratize
Your lingering knows no boundaries

Släpp taget om mitt hjärta
(Let go of my heart)
Eller ta mig i din famn
(Or take me in your arms)
Du var vågen som höll om mig genom stormen
(You were the wave that embraced me through the storm)
Allting annat brann
(Everything else burned)

Du var musiken, du var färger, du var smaker
(You were music, you were color, you were flavors)
Allt det där försvann
(All that disappeared)
Bara kaos, fast i stormen, inget fyrtorn
(Only chaos, stuck in the storm, no lighthouse)
Som leder mig i hamn
(To lead me to the shore)

And I further drift each day
Forever gone
No star can lead the way

Distinctly drawn
Truce without benefit
I'm no one's pawn
But how I wish to be

Another one
Keeping apathy in check
I'm spent and done
This ship is soon to wreck

A simpleton
Passed on by Charybdis
For oblivion
My personal Lethe
Come hither, my very own lithium

You say you wanted more, so I meet you at the shore
No regrets, don't hesitate, we´ll find comfort in the waves
Feel the deep, drink it in, forgetfulness is what it brings
No regrets, let's elope

You say you wanted more, so I meet you at the shore
No regrets dont hesitate, we´ll find comfort in the waves
So we´re signing up to fill our lungs, we´ll find comfort in the waves
Track Name: Des cicatrices et des cernes
Du var bara ett frö när din framtid bestämdes
En framtid i skuggan, format efter samhällets normer
Men det är dags att bryta upp, det är dags för förändring

Att fastna i livet
I ett oändligt hjul
Samma tankar och idéer
Som att växa upp i en bur

Vi kan inte stå bredvid och betrakta längre
Framtiden är din så spring, bara spring

Regarder ses pieds s'enfonçant dans la terre
Laisser la bourbe monter jusqu'à son cou
Traîner les bras, l'humérus écrasant le sol
Un amas poussiéreux d’envies trempées.
Les doigts s'écartent et l'esprit s'égare
Oublier de respirer, arrêter de respirer
Il est temps d'ériger l'échine, car,
À trop peu jouer avec le feu, on finit par se noyer.

Le sang n'est plus qu'un emblème, les stigmates de nos peines, des cicatrices et des cernes.


You were just a seed when your future was determined
A life in the shadows, shaped by society’s norms
But it is now time to decamp; it is time for a change.

Getting stuck in life
In an endless wheel
The same thoughts and ideas
Like growing up in a cage

We cannot stand by and watch any longer
The future is yours; so run, just run.

Staring at your feet sinking into the earth
Letting the mud climb up to your neck
Dragging arms, the humerus crushing the ground,
A dusty heap of soaked desires.
The fingers open up and the mind wanders.
Forget to breathe, stop breathing
It is time to erect your spine, because,
When you hardly play with fire, you end up drowning.

Blood is now just an emblem, the stigmas of our sorrow, scars and dark circles.
Track Name: Darkness Within
I have become this empty shell since nothing is left of you anyway. Darkness has swept away but I still find myself at the bottom of a well. Broken and left with the taste of betrayal on my tongue.

I find myself at a wuthering height, watching over me, trying not to fall down. As I'm seeing myself stuck in a routine of repeating the same mistake and now desperately trying to tell myself to just stop.

Enacting lies on daily basis, forgetting what is right, what is wrong.
Someone, someone, give me a heart that won't need beating
I need to save me from myself
I wish there was time to reacts