Stormen / We´ll find comfort in the waves

from by Ephemera

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Vocals: Mattias Musikka (Suffocate for fuck sake/iisole)
Arvid Ringborg (Vi som älskade varandra så mycket)
Henrik Dahlqvist (Totem Skin)
Bas: Emil Lundblad (Sore Eyelids)
Drums: Tomas Persson (Shirokuma)
Guitar: Karl Nilsson (Anemone/Via Fondo)
Gabriel Bergman Lahovary (Heart On My Sleeve)


Jag skriker i natten
(I scream into the night)
och bara tystnaden svarar
(Only silence replies)
Stirrar ut i det tomma
(Stare into emptiness)
och mina tankar de ekar
(My thoughts echo in my mind)

Let's elope

Musiken den tystnar
(The music turns into silence)
Färgerna bleknar
(The colors fade)
Alla smaker försvinner
(All the flavors vanish)
Var är vi på väg
(Where are we heading)

We´ll find comfort in the waves

Floating in suspended grief
Like a vassal of your soul, never to be annexed
Some claim I drag my feet in apathy
Yet somehow, still, they can smell you on me

Jag sitter fast
(I am stuck)
Medans världen rör sig
(While the world keeps moving)
Bara du får mig känna att
(Only you make me feel like)
Jag spelar huvudrollen i mitt liv
(I play the leading role in my life)

A staccato, broken vocal chord
A mouth and gut co-op, lungs with water filled
Each day is a failure to induratize
Your lingering knows no boundaries

Släpp taget om mitt hjärta
(Let go of my heart)
Eller ta mig i din famn
(Or take me in your arms)
Du var vågen som höll om mig genom stormen
(You were the wave that embraced me through the storm)
Allting annat brann
(Everything else burned)

Du var musiken, du var färger, du var smaker
(You were music, you were color, you were flavors)
Allt det där försvann
(All that disappeared)
Bara kaos, fast i stormen, inget fyrtorn
(Only chaos, stuck in the storm, no lighthouse)
Som leder mig i hamn
(To lead me to the shore)

And I further drift each day
Forever gone
No star can lead the way

Distinctly drawn
Truce without benefit
I'm no one's pawn
But how I wish to be

Another one
Keeping apathy in check
I'm spent and done
This ship is soon to wreck

A simpleton
Passed on by Charybdis
For oblivion
My personal Lethe
Come hither, my very own lithium

You say you wanted more, so I meet you at the shore
No regrets, don't hesitate, we´ll find comfort in the waves
Feel the deep, drink it in, forgetfulness is what it brings
No regrets, let's elope

You say you wanted more, so I meet you at the shore
No regrets dont hesitate, we´ll find comfort in the waves
So we´re signing up to fill our lungs, we´ll find comfort in the waves


from S​/​T, released February 11, 2015



all rights reserved


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